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Refurbished Wilfley Table Model 6A Standard

We ship internationally

We have a number of fully refurbished tables available, they are in excellent condition and are offered with new machine warranty.

The table offered is refurbished to the following condition;

  • Subframe    Fully stripped,sand blasted and painted to OEM specifications.
  • All fasteners replaced.
  • Tilt Yoke Chair inspected for wear and replaced as required.
  • Tilt Gear Fully Stripped, blasted, painted and fasteners replaced,
  • Mitre Gears, Tilt Shaft, Tilt Nuts, Handwheel, Tilt Rods and Wear Plates inspected for wear and replaced as required.
  • Motion Box/Motion Head    Completely stripped, blasted, all Bearings replaced,
  • Shafts, Thrust Rods, Spring inspected for wear and replaced as required, replace all seals, painted, all fasteners replaced.
  • Motor    New Motor Supplied, new pulleys, new belts, new motor mounts.
  • New Deck
  • New Water & Feed Box
  • New Launder

All refurbished tables are supplied with new machine warranty, that is 1 year.



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