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Grinding Mill Spares


Through it's purchase of Clyde Carruthers, spare parts business and Motive Traction assetts, Clyde Mining & Engineering offer a full range of spares and accessories for Ball and Rod Mills.

Rubber Ball Mill Linings, Rod Mill Linings, Trommels, Trommel Screen Mesh, Mill Components are just some of the parts available from Motive Traction Pty Ltd.

Rubber Ball Mill Linings

Clyde offer Rubber Ball Mill Liners. Lifter Bars, Shell Plates, End Liners, Filler Rings and Fasteners are supplied. We are happy to offer a detailed design proposal for your grinding mill.

Trommels and Trommel Screen Mesh

Clyde supply Steel Trommels as well as Rubber or Metal Trommel Screen meshes.

Mill Components

If yor Grinding Mill or Lime Slaking Mill was manufactured and supplied by Clyde Carruthers or Clyde Jaques, we have the contract files and drawings of your mill and are able to offer all replacement parts in accordance to the manufacturers specifications.

Some of our most recent supply items have been :-

  • Manufacture and Supply of Discharge Trunnion for 3.8 meter diameter x 4.3 meter long Overflow Ball Mill
  • Manfacture and Supply of Sole Plate for above Mill
  • Manufacture and Supply of Trunnion Bearing for above Mill
  • Supply of Rubber Mill Linings for various Mills
  • Supply of Spare Parts for Mill Lubrication System
  • Rebuild Lime Slaking Mill Drive units
  • Manufacture of Trommel
  • Manufacture and Supply of Rubber and/or Polyurethane Trommel Screen panels for various Mills
  • Supply of Mill Lubrication System Spare Parts
  • Provision of Inspection and Report into Mill Condition. 
  • Supply of Mill Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals


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