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Clyde Dust Collection Systems

Through it's purchase of the Clyde Carruthers spares business in 1998 and the assetts of Motive Traction in 2017, Clyde Mining & Engineering offer a full range of spare parts for the Pulsar Insertable Dust Collectors.

Filter Bags, Cages, Ducting, Motors  Pumps, Fans and Operation and Installation Manuals among many other items.

Clyde carry a range of parts for Model 1500, 2500, 4500 and 6000 series dust collectors.

Theory of Operation

The Pulsar Dust Collector is a continuous automatic suction or pressure type dust collector capable of filtering dust laden air through a felted filter media.

The dirty or contaminated gas is drawn up through the filter tubes by the fan. The dust laden air passes through a number of filter tubes which retain the dust particles on the exterior surface while allowing the clean gas to pass through and out of the unit via the fan exhaust.

As the collector operates, the collected dust begins to form a dust cake which eventually dininishes the porosity of the filter tubes. This reduction of porosity is measured by a manometer. As the pressure drop increases, the ventilation volume of the collector decreases.

To maintain a modorate pressure drop, the cleaning cycle is employed to provide continuous cleaning of the filter bags. The cleaning system consists of a solid state programme timer which actuates electric solenoids air valves. These Air valves deliver a momentary burst or pulse of high pressure compressed air through the manafold pipe into the the filter tube. This pulse of air creates a reverse air flow which expands the filter tube to remove the collected dust.

This cleaning proceedure occurs on a row by row basis. therefore, only a fraction of the total air is interupted for cleaning, allowing continuous ventilation.

The dust cake when pulsed from the filter bags, falls back into the bin or housing in which the collector has been installed.

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