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A New Approach to Belt Cleaning

Clyde H.P.L.V Belt Cleaners are the new approach to the continual problem of effectively cleaning conveyor belts without damage or wear.

Developed in conjunction with a major Mining Company Development team.

Over 60 units installed.

Clyde Mining & Engineering HPLV Samson Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Clyde Mining & Engineering HPLV Belt Cleaners are the new approach to the continual problem of effectively cleaning conveyor belt and removing carry back without damage or wear. Instead of using blades, brushes and scrapers to remove product off the belt our unit uses High Pressure Low Volume water jet nozzles to clean the return run of the belt. By keeping the amount of water used very low and directing the cleaning discharge back into the product flow, the system operates without any product spillage or build up with the advantage of a small amount of water introduced into the product stream acting as a dust suppressant.



HPLV Advantages:

·         Simple Installation and Operation.

·         Eliminates Carry Back, Belt Wear and Damage there for increasing belt life.

·         No Replacement or Adjustment of Scraper Blades or Brushes which leads to reduced down time and maintenance costs.

·         No under belt spillage and expensive clean up costs.

·         Assists in Dust Suppression.

·         Multiple Spray Bar Installation available from the one unit.

·         Plug and Play to Site PLC.


Proven Ability and World Class Design:

 The HPLV units supplied are designed jointly between Motive Traction and a major Iron Ore Companies Product Development Team during 2012/2013 after the installation of a trial unit in 2011 this unit provided effective belt cleaning and minimised dust it its working area, which brings us into the new era of conveyor belt cleaning with the HPLV Samson Conveyor Belt Cleaner.

This Iron Ore Company has at the end June 2013, ordered 44 HPLV Samson Conveyor Belt Cleaners, and this has only been for two of their sites! Additional enquiries have been received for another 12 units for other sites.

Motive Traction has not previously offered other clients the HPLV Samson Conveyor Belt Cleaner and we are pleased to now offer this outstanding product to the general marketplace.

The New Approch – Proven Ability – World Class Design

Conveyor Belt Cleaning at its best.

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