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Brent formed Corrotech Eng  in July 1986 as an independent Australain owned and operated company to manufacture and supply wear resistant rubber products to the mining, quarrying and allied industries.

In it's day, Corrotech was by far Australia's largest manufacturer of Rubber Screencloths. having been rated as current supplier to over 75% of the mines surveyed a BIS Shrapnel survey into the Australian Mining Industry.

In the relatively short period Corrotech was established (12 Years) it developed a number of distinct strengths. Primarily, it's ability to consistantly supply quality products,on time and with good back-up service.

Corrotech was not only Australasias largest manufacturer of rubber screencloths, but offered the largest range of screencloths available on the market.

Corrotech's rubber compounds were specifically developed for the varied applications that the product is applied to. High tensile and elongation compounds are specified for high abrasive ores and large lump ores. Softer, more flexible compounds are specified for fine screening of say, the minus 3mm. fraction.

Corrotech's premium grade elastomers were specifically developed to produce liner componentry capable of withstanding rigorous primary, secondary and tertiary milling.

The business assets were sold in 1998 to Melwire Pty Ltd. Screentek Systems Pty Ltd was created in 2003 as a division of Motive Traction Pty Ltd due to an overwhelming demand.


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