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 Refurbished Concentrating Tables & Spare Parts


Clyde Mining & Engineering is the manufacturer of the Australian Wilfley Concentrating Table. We  carry a full compliment of spare parts to suit the various tables within the range.

 With over 2400 Wilfley Tables manufactured in Australia in the past 120 years, Clyde Mining & Engineering offers a comprehensive refurbishment programme for owners and operators of Wilfley Tables.

 Deck rebuilds are the most common requirement. Worn Decks can be bought up to operating condition relatively inexpensively. New Deck surfaces are applied as are new riffling.

 Motion Box rebuilds are also popular and Clyde carry rebuilt Motion Boxes in stock available for quick replacement.

 We also offer complete machine rebuilds. Not just limited to the Wilfley tables, we fully rebuild the tables from top to bottom. All table rebuilds are covered by Motive Tractions "New Machine" warranty.

 All components are stripped and inspected for breakages or excessive wear and replaced as required. New motors are fitted as standard. All steel surfaces are sandblasted and painted. All fasteners are replaced with new.

 Rebuilds are either done at the customers site or are transported to Motive Tractions rebuild facility.

 Clyde Mining & Engineering occasionally have a range of fully refurbished tables available for purchase, these tables offer great savings on new. Apart from Australian Wilfley, we also refurbish  English Wilfley, Butchart, Holman and Scott tables.

Clyde mining & Engineering carry a good range of spare parts new and used for all Concentrating Tables including Australain Wilfley, English Wilfley, Holman, Butchart and Scott.



Reburbished Concentrating Tables

Wilfley Tables Wilfley Tables

We have a number of fully refurbished tables available, they are in excellent condition and are offered with new machine warranty.


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